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Basic Vehicle Info:

Manufacturing Year:

Manufactured In / Region:
Germany / Europe



Detailed Specifications:
Type of Transmission:

Basic Specs:
Power Windows, Power Brakes, ABS (4-Wheel) , Power Steering, Tilt Wheel, AM/FM Stereo,Air Conditioning, Compact Disc

Number of Cylinders:

Safety Features:
Dual Front, Head and Side Air Bags 

Body Type:
Sedan 4 Door 

Fuel type:

Drive type:

Vehicle history information availability:

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Is there a free site where you can enter a VIN# and find out whose ... Learn all about VINs or just check your VIN for free. ... title and usage history. A free vin check will give you a free record summary on just about any car you ...

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A car shopper who wants a manual for purchasing second-hand vehicles in a lot of articles shall agree that the most preferable act to do at the very beginning can be obtaining the motor vehicle history listing. There are various unfortunate situations with bargainors pushing automobiles having a lot of unacceptable breakages during their lifespan to unapprised prospects and you have no capacity to disclose the real condition the motorcyle or car or RV is truely in before the shopper runs VIN number lookup. VIN is unique, more or less as in case with a DNA line. Outside the recognition, decoding it rummages out various facts about every motor car. Thusly, the largest part of the influential information about any vehicle communicated by a large number of agencies, at times a would-be vehicle purshaser should be able to benefit from even accessory service occurrences, e.g, resurfacing a rotor or at least a tag "advised tune-ups" remians in perpetuity VIN code - memorized.

    Models Often Reported As Lemons

  • Great Dane 1991
  • Centurion Vehicles 2004
  • Precision Cycle Works 2008
  • Nissan Titan 2013
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 1984
  • Nissan Stanza 1986
  • Peterbilt 386 2007
  • Scania 2001
  • Chongqing Kinlon Motorcycle 2005
  • Honda CR-V 2007
  • GMC Safari 1997
  • Ford LN8000 1994
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Learn all about VINs or just check your VIN for free. ... title and usage history. A free vin check will give you a free record summary on just about any car you ...

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You have to have the answers to such questions before you agree to the deal:

  1. What's it's mileage?
  2. Any outstanding loans or liens on the car?
  3. Is this car eligible for return?
  4. Who certified a used car that is called certified?
  5. Can you give some detail about its condition?
  6. What service has the dealership performed on the used car since acquiring it?
  7. Why are you selling it?
  8. Who is the previous owner?
  9. Factory warranty is still valid, isn't it?
  10. May I have a look at it's history report?

Is there a free site where you can enter a VIN# and find out whose ...

An absolutely free VIN check can give you some facts about your car history. ... A free car VIN report will check stolen vehicle reports and title changes on used cars.

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    Resent Decoding Results

  • 1J8GA59178L517383: Jeep Wrangler, year 2008
  • 1B4HR28Z2XF515531: Dodge Durango, year 1999
  • 2T2ZK1BA9AC007657: Lexus RX 350, year 2010
  • 1N4BA41E07C824683: Nissan Maxima, year 2007
  • 3A8FY58BX8T126881: Chrysler PT Cruiser, year 2008
  • 1GNGK16F8SJ407398: Chevrolet Suburban, year 1995
  • 1G2NE52F12C275157: Pontiac Grand Am, year 2002
  • 1J4FJ58S3NL114438: Jeep Cherokee, year 1992
  • 1FAHP35N98W140566: Ford Focus, year 2008
  • JTEGP21A450058239: Toyota Highlander, year 2005
  • 3N1AB6AP7AL665837: Nissan Sentra, year 2010

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