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Basic Vehicle Info:

Manufacturing Year:

Manufactured In / Region:
USA / North America



Detailed Specifications:
Basic Specs:
Power Brakes,Air Conditioning, Tilt Wheel, Cassette, ABS (4-Wheel) , Power Windows, AM/FM Stereo, Power Steering

Number of Cylinders:

Type of Transmission:

Safety Features:
Dual Front and Side Air Bags 

Fuel type:
Flex Fuel 

Body Type:
Wagon 4 Door 

Vehicle history information availability:

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Title search - A title search is a process that is performed primarily to determine the answer to three questions: *Does the seller have a saleable interest in the property? *What kind of restrictions or allowances ... View article on » CarLemonReport.com/wiki/Title_search www.CarLemonReport.com/wiki/Title_search
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Free Property Title Search | CarLemonReport.com Answers

There are many ways to get a free property title search in the United States. One method is to call the assessor's office in the county in which the property resides ...
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Some days back I studied the Internet for suggestions about ducking away from second-hand car fraudulent activities and read that nearly all the those who know prompt to examine VIN number check service. To knock-up, let's see in what way specifically VIN history report works. The VIN number may be used to identify any single car incontrovertibly. Similar to a man's DNA, any VIN is permanent throughout this motor vehicle's lifespan, incorporating elemental feature set, like the manufacturer's identifier, the time of producing marker as prescribed by universally adopted rules, the name of the model, say, Suzuki GS850, plus other major information, for example, cylinders. In case whatever seems to be influential happens with the motor vehicle throughout being used, about 100% of the information, as an example, stripping, being severely deteriorated, the Strom Area title or some queer title analogous to this, gets tracked on it.

    Models Often Reported As Lemons

  • Honda Civic 2009
  • Yamaha XT225 2005
  • Suzuki GSX-R1100 1991
  • Suzuki RM250 2005
  • Harley-Davidson FLHTCUI 1981
  • Arctic Cat F5 Firecat 2007
  • Harley-Davidson FXSTI 2002
  • Plymouth Acclaim 1990
  • Pontiac Bonneville 1997
  • Toyota Supra 1988
  • Eagle Summit 1992
  • Stratos Javelin Boats 2008
  • Honda GL1800 2006
  • Honda CRF250R 2008
  • Chevrolet Kodiak 1993
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Free property title search? -

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Standard things to ask before you purchase:
  1. Will you let my mechanic inspect it?
  2. Are you the original owner?
  3. Is the original manufacturer's warranty still valid?
  4. Is the seller the registered keeper shown on the V5C? If not, why are they selling it for someone else?
  5. Was car history report run on it?
  6. Is its mileage actual?
  7. In case of a defect, is that possible to return the vehicle?
  8. Can I test drive it with it's engine cold?
  9. What do I need to know about the car?
  10. Any special reasons for selling the vehicle?

Street address, prior title, and lots created searches are available free of charge. LPI Circular 2013/06 (PDF 280KB) lists the current fees for over the counter and ...

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    In real estate business and law, a title search or property title search is the process of retrieving documents evidencing events in the history of a piece of real  ...

    Resent Decoding Results

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  • 7R01A124278: Ford Mustang, year 1967
  • 1N4BL21EX7C217656: Nissan Altima, year 2007
  • JN1CV6EL7AM151063: Infiniti G37 Coupe, year 2010
  • JNKCV54E47M905134: Infiniti G35, year 2007
  • JN1CZ24H6NX520008: Nissan 300ZX, year 1992
  • WBAGN63524DS53181: BMW 7 Series, year 2004
  • 2HGFA16539H309570: Honda Civic, year 2009
  • 1HGCD5637RA179209: Honda Accord, year 1994
  • 1FTRW07633K016673: Ford F-150, year 2003
  • 1FMEU63EX8UA16260: Ford Explorer, year 2008

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