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Information may have any of the following problems:

  • Manufacturer buyback
  • sold from car auction
  • odometer rollover
  • participation in high-speed crash test
  • previous damage
  • lien holders discovered
  • auction announced as exceeds mechanical limits
  • special constructed
  • fire damage incident
  • clean title w/salvage history
Any particular vehicle is issued a salvage title whenever it gets totaled by the insurer either to being stolen or a collision or any other damage and in the event it gets damaged beyond its pre-collision cost

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Basic Vehicle Info:

Manufacturing Year:

Manufactured In / Region:
USA / North America



Detailed Specifications:
Safety Features:
Driver Front Air Bag 

Basic Specs:
AM/FM Stereo, ABS (4-Wheel) ,Power Steering, Power Brakes

Drive type:

Type of Transmission:
4 Spd Automatic 

Number of Cylinders:

Fuel type:

Body Type:
Wagon 2 Door 

Vehicle history information availability:

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A future car buyer exploring an instruction for estimating non brand new motor vehicles on webspace will read that the purchasings you won't rue a few days later begin with studying the VIN history search results. A number of vehicles are by no means designed to be registered with duplicate vehicle identification numbers, like two and more living beings are supposed to never have equal DNA string. The maker's anchor, e.c, Polaris or Dutchmen, the serial number which must be numerals the model name, the year of production marker memorized in the tenth figure, plus other core details, for one, number of driving wheels - spelling out the vehicle identification code exclusively must rummage out for anybody all those spec characteristics. A lot of events coming about after the motor vehicle's assemblage, e.c, branded as lemon as precepted by a given state's lemon law, granted that it is passed, holesale auto auction partcipation, the Lemon title, typically you will read even common servicing events, as an example, body electrical system checkup or a brief notation "the motor vehicle serviced", can be gained from web services implementing VIN code history. Cease to live a lie for the vendor's single wish has invariably been not to provide you the best possible deal for your cash earned by the sweat of your brow but rather to realize by fair means or foul

    Models Often Reported As Lemons

  • Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 1995
  • GMC S-15 1990
  • Honda CR-V 2002
  • Cadillac Eldorado 1981
  • Ford E-150 1981
  • Yamaha TT250 2002
  • Mercedes-Benz G-Class 2005
  • Harley-Davidson FLHTCUI with Shrine 2009
  • Chevrolet Uplander 2008
  • Ford Fairlane 1965
  • Dodge Ram BR3500 1998
  • Porsche 944 1988
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  5. was it repaired after a collision?
  6. what stimulated the owner to part with it?
  7. the test-drive so that the engine rest overnight is allowed, am I right?
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    Resent Decoding Results

  • WAUBA24B1XN103287: Audi A6, year 1999
  • 1G1ND52M4X6209992: Chevrolet Malibu, year 1999
  • 1N6BA07A95N527403: Nissan Titan, year 2005
  • 2T3ZF4DV0AW032642: Toyota RAV4, year 2010
  • 1G1BL52W3SR191762: Chevrolet Caprice, year 1995
  • JNKBV61E28M209590: Infiniti G35, year 2008
  • JM1FE17N540120997: Mazda RX-8, year 2004
  • 1YVFP80D445N10958: Mazda MAZDA6, year 2004
  • 1FMDK01175GA16225: Ford Freestyle, year 2005
  • KL1TG56EX9B398108: Chevrolet Aveo, year 2009
  • 1N6SD11S9MC406394: Nissan Truck, year 1991
  • 19UUA5660YA006475: Acura TL, year 2000
  • 4N2ZN16T61D824642: Nissan Quest, year 2001
  • 5NMSH13E19H269555: Hyundai Santa Fe, year 2009
  • 5NPET46F18H334617: Hyundai Sonata, year 2008
  • 1fmcu94163kd19271: Ford Escape, year 2003

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