Mitsubishi Truck may have any of the following problems:

  • Insurance claim paid
  • registered to a non-profit entity
  • recognized as lemon
  • being rebodied
  • prior crashes
  • imported vehicle
  • mileage not actual
  • abandonment - delay title
  • damage from hurricane
  • lien\loan

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Basic Vehicle Info:

Manufacturing Year:

Manufactured In / Region:
USA / North America



Detailed Specifications:
Drive type:

Fuel type:

Number of Cylinders:

Safety Features:
Dual Front Air Bags 

Basic Specs:
Cassette, Power Brakes, AM/FM Stereo, Power Steering, Power Windows,Air Conditioning, Tilt Wheel, ABS (4-Wheel) 

Body Type:
Wagon 4 Door 

Type of Transmission:
4 Spd Automatic 

Vehicle history information availability:

lemon Mitsubishi Truck VIN check Avatar
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lemon Mitsubishi Truck VIN check Avatar
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lemon Mitsubishi Truck VIN check | Buying A Pre-Owned Car.

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    Models Often Reported As Lemons

  • Kenworth 540 2011
  • Peterbilt 379 1987
  • Volkswagen Fox 1988
  • Chevrolet Sportvan 1982
  • Jaguar XK-Series 1999
  • Mack RD688S 1986
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse 2001
  • Country Coach Intrigue 2002
  • Dodge Ram Pickup 3500 1998
  • Dodge Omni 1983
  • Ford Econoline Cargo 1999
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder 1997
  • Fontaine 2003
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Find out about the best car lemon report services, and the type of information contained ... Using the VIN to perform a check on CARFAX or AutoCheck can get you an ... This gives you a brief on the date the vehicle was purchased, the state it was ... from Knight Rider Up For Sale · Mitsubishi Discontinuing Lancer Evolution.

Requisite pre purchase questions you need to put down:
  1. How many crahses was that automobile damaged in?
  2. on what conditions can it be returned to the seller for a moneyback
  3. is factory warranty not left no more?
  4. will the buyer attain the extended warranty with this vehicle?
  5. when did the seller buy it from?
  6. a a potential purchaser is allowed test-drive your motorbike or travel trailer or car, am I correct?
  7. who is prev possessors?
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